Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Maintaining Focus

As a matter of record, here is a list of my goals for 2010:

  •  writing an average of 7000 words per month, complete 1st draft of novel;
  • attend University of Chichester’s Research in Progress conference, 15 May, and present paper ‘Voices of the American West: Striving for Authenticity’;
  • attend University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Studies in Literature Annual Postgraduate Symposium, 21 May, and present paper ‘Identity in Western American Literature’;
  • make a research presentation at the Postgraduate Forum at Uni of Chichester;
  • gather critical sources;
  • complete outline of dissertation;
  • review Sherman Alexie’s next book, Fire with Fire, due out in autumn;
  • submit paper to Western American Literature journal;
  • apply for research travel grant from British Association for American Studies in autumn.


Jessica said...

Hi Loree

How are you coming along with the goals you set back in December for this year?


Loree said...

Hi Jessica,

I've gotten so side-tracked by other writing-related activities the past few months that the blog has been put on hold...hence my only just having seen your question.

Alas, I'm nowhere near my goal of having a complete first draft by the end of the year, but I have presented papers at two conferences, written a couple of reviews for journals, and gathered pretty much all of my sources (I think). I've only written 40,000 words of the novel, but have now stopped to do some redrafting and to work on the thesis. I need to submit 12,000 words of the thesis and 28,000 words of the novel for the MPhil upgrade to PhD at the beginning of March. So that's where my focus is at the moment... Also need to get back to some blogging!