Short Stories:

  • 2011 ‘The Difference Between Cowboys and Clowns’, published in Award-winning Tales, Becky Coffield, ed. Moonlight Mesa.
  • 2009 ‘King of the Cocktails’ Never Hit by Lightning, Tucker Lieberman, ed.
  • 2009 ‘Bastard’, In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself, vol 8, MP Weaver, ed.
  • 2008 ‘The Road to Reparation’, Borderlines.
  • 2006 ‘Los Milagros’, London Magazine, Sebastian Barker, ed.
Essays/Articles/Literary Reviews:
  • 2011 Reveiw of Cheyenne Madonna by Eddie Chuculate, The Short Review.
  • 2011 Review of Trickle Down Timeline by Cris Mazza, The Short Review.
  • 2011 Review of Mattaponi Queen by Belle Boggs, Short Fiction in Theory and Practice, spring issue.
  • 2011 Review of The Fifth Generation: A Nez Perce Tale by Linwood Laughy, Western American Literature, spring issue.
  • 2010 ‘Human Rights and Human Wrongs in a World Gone Mad’, London Magazine, April issue.
  • 2010 Review of War Dances by Sherman Alexie, Western American Literature, spring issue.
  • 2010 Review of Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie, The Short Review, January issue.
  • 2009 ‘Coast to Coast: A Recycled Journey’,
  • 2009 ‘Stepping Across the Chasm’,
  • 2009 'Cut Price Kilimanjaro',, May issue.
  • 2009 ‘Life In Third Person’, London Magazine, March issue.
  • 2008 'Searching for Lions in the Serengeti',, December issue.
  • 2007 ‘An Old Road, Idaho’, Cycle, October issue.
  • 2000 ‘Conspiracy Theories on Cougar Creek’, in the anthology Return to a Better Tomorrow, R. Richards, ed.
  • 1998 ‘Cycling on the Level’, Cycling World, March issue.
  • 1992 ‘Trek Back in Time’, The News, November 14.
  • 1991 ‘On the Shores of Zanzibar’, Southern Cross, issue 146.
  • 1991 ‘A Rough Ride to Tanzania’, Southern Cross, issue 145.
Awards and Recognition
  • 2010 ‘Gathering Fragments of Light’, Honourable Mention in the Carpe Articulum Novella Contest.
  • 2009 ‘The Difference Between Cowboys and Clowns’, Finalist in the Midnight Mesa short story competition.
  • 2009 ‘Kirsty Dreams of Evergreens’, Honourable Mention, NYC Midnight 24-hour Short Story Challenge.
  • 2009 ‘The Difference Between Cowboys and Clowns’, 1st-round Finalist in NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge.
  • 2009 ‘Watermelon Festival’, Fish Prize shortlist.
  • 2009 ‘Some Kind of Comfort’, Fish Prize shortlist.
  • 2009 ‘Revelation’, Fish Prize shortlist.
  • 2008 ‘Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction: A Review’, Finalist in Costa book review competition.
  • 2007 ‘Gathering Fragments of Light’, Semi-Finalist in Quarterly West Novella Competition.
  • 2006 ‘Road to Reparation’, Seattle Review Fiction Contest shortlist.
  • 2005 ‘Los Milagros’, VS Pritchett Memorial Prize shortlist.
  • 1998 ‘The Bear’, 2nd place Winchester Writers’ Conference.
Conference Papers:
  • 2010 'Indianness’ and Identity in the Novels and Short Stories of Sherman Alexie' at Framing the Self: Anxieties of Identity, University of Portsmouth.
  • 2010 ‘Voices of the American West: Striving for Authenticity’, Research in Progress conference, University of Chichester.
  • 2009 ‘The Paradox of Historical Fiction: Finding Truth Where None Exists’, Playful Paradox: Creative Writing on Campus, University of Bedfordshire.
Review Extracts & Endorsements:

Of ‘Los Milagros’: ‘ A most sophisticated, witty, surreal and irreverent story of how the stern vagaries of sexual piety may be overcome with the aid of a very special bird... I loved it – and so, I believe, would many of you.’ – Michael Holroyd